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New website!

Check out the new website at for new and updated articles on things SilverStripe.

What's this site...

This journal is as of now no longer actively maintained, although the information on it remains valid - as valid as it ever was. All efforts now go to the new log at, where you'll find updated as well as new articles. Some older articles have not yet made the transfer, or maybe never will, as the official SilverStripe documentation has improved enough to make them expendable.

This is the place where I keep log of things SilverStripe. I've set it up so that I can keep track of my Silverstripe projects, as well as of useful snippets and links I find along the way. This site is now in the process of being transferred to my new site (see the links above).

There are lots of other SilverStripe sites around offering tips, tricks and tutorials, and as I'm not for re-inventing the wheel, I will gladly use what I find. But since others beside myself might visit this site, I try to give credit where credit's due. Please post a message if you think I've overlooked you...

Useful links - the official community website - the company that gives us SilverStripe - The new-and-improved SilverStripe documentation - bug tracker - a great site for tutorials and snippets


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